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News, Interviews & Reviews

Please click the links below to access a selection of news, interviews, and reviews

Hussam S. Timani reviews Islamic Thought Through Protestant Eyes in Reading Religion, a journal of the American Academy of Religion (AAR), 2023

Jeremy Fradkin reviews Islamic Thought Through Protestant Eyes in Global Intellectual History, Fall 2022

Paul Strauss reviews Islamic Thought Through Protestant Eyes in Lutheran Quarterly, volume 36/4, Winter 2022

AAR Books and Major Publications, Islamic Thought Through Protestant Eyes in American Academy of Religion (AAR), 2022

Islamic Thought Through Protestant Eyes was reviewed in the New Arab: "An Interfaith Examination", The New Arab, 2021

News: "Dr. Mehmet Karabela publishes new book Islamic Thought Through Protestant Eyes", Queen's University, 2021

Karabela's writing on political theology in Bahasa Indonesian: "Berkenalan dengan Teologi Politik", Kempalan News, 2021

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