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Mehmet Karabela

Photography by Veronika Nogay

Mehmet Karabela is an internationally recognized author and scholar

Karabela is the author of Islamic Thought Through Protestant Eyes and Mustafa Sabri Efendi. The former examines the engagement of early modern Protestant scholars with Islamic thought. The latter on the life and religious thought of Mustafa Sabri Efendi (d.1954), the chief jurisconsult of the Ottoman Empire, is published in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country. Karabela’s articles and writings have also appeared in edited books and journals.

In collaboration with international partners, Karabela has produced music and dance. His artistic production credits include Come See with Ehsan Norouzian and Kimberley Dunn; and Return of Aslan with Ferhat Ayaz and Andreas Pichler. 

Karabela holds a Ph.D. from McGill University and teaches at Queen's University. He has taught courses on world religions, religion and democracy, political theology, religion and politics in Muslim societies as well as advanced seminars such as the European perception of Jews and Muslims during the Enlightenment and multiculturalism in the Ottoman Empire.


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